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At ABG Capital, we leverage our unique business management model to reduce costs through the consolidation of back office operations for our portfolio companies.

By consolidating services like accounting, legal, IT, software development, administration and HR, we are able to eliminate redundancy among our portfolio companies and increase efficiency. This aggregated structure enhances our services, leading to increased customer satisfaction and accelerated business growth.

While ABG Capital's attention is focused on growing our current portfolio companies, we always have an eye toward exciting new opportunities. Whether those come in the form of acquisitions or ways to enhance or complement our current business, we are always looking ahead.

ABG Capital is NOT a venture capital firm. We do not simply inject cash into an idea or make investments outside of our organization. We've built our reputation by taking an active role in our opportunities. By building companies the ABG Capital Way, we are able to achieve success faster and with less risk than a traditional Venture Capital model.

ABG Capital